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Meet the Team (Lawrence)

Get the insider on the Legacy Team

Q1: How did you get started the fitness industry?

A1: I started to gain interest at a really young age, my dad used to have a multi gym set up in a shed in the back of our garden, I used to love to go and watch him workout.

Around 12 years old I then come across my first bodybuilding magazine which I still have to this day and become obsessed with the human potential.

I decided to start competing in bodybuilding shows around the age of 19 placing top 3 in my first show for Junior Mr Wales along with 3 other shows while qualifying for the nationals, this is what started the ball rolling for me to start my own personal training company conducting over 10,000 one to one personal training sessions and helping clients worldwide.

In 2014 I then made the jump to start Legacy Gym which now thrives thanks to our incredible members that has supported us along the way, we still have so many big plans for Legacy Gym and we are continually upgrading the facilities and service in every way possible.

Q2: What can people expect from Legacy Gym?

A2: From the moment you enter Legacy you can expect a warm welcome from the Legacy Team and all our members, we have and incredible family vibe where everyone is more than willing to support each other to reach there individual goals.

We have huge variety of equipment available providing everything you could need no matter your level of experience within the gym.

Our instructors are extremely passionate about the industry which you will find out when you attend one of our many daily classes, they are here to push you out of your comfort zone and support you on your own journey.

Its amazing to see so many members forming new friendships along the way and this is the reason we call ourselves the Legacy Family.

Q3: What does the future hold for Legacy Gym?

A3: Continued expansion at a rapid rate, striving to become the best health and fitness facility possible.

We are already planning for the 2nd Legacy Location that you will hear more about in the near future.

Q4: Name your favourite motivational quote?

A4: Pain is temporary, If I quit however it will last forever

Follow the journey stay up to date with the Legacy Facebook & Instagram pages and also my personal instagram account : elitementoracademy where I will post all things business and whats coming next #TeamLegacy


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