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Get the insider on the Legacy Team

Q1: Why did you want to become a Fitness Coach

A1: Training is something that I have always been passionate about, I have always been interested in fitness and enjoyed going to the gym.

I was never shown how to train properly in my early gym days and used to copy others a lot, by doing this i picked up bad habits and never really progressed anywhere.

I did my research and hired an amazing coach and got into the best shape of my life. This is when I decided I wanted to be that person who helps people transform there body and mind for the better.

Q2: What can Legacy Members expect from your classes?

A2: Legacy Members can expect a hard but enjoyable workout, everyone is one big team in classes and all help each other achieve the best they can.

Q3: Whats your favourite workout?

A3? 100% Legs

Q4: Whats your favourite workout music?

A4:? Music has got to be Clubland Classics as it gets me super happy and full of energy

Q5: Name your cheat meal of choice?

A5: Ohh this has got to be chips from the chippy and chocolate cake to finish

Q6: Favourite motivational quote?

A6: Nothing worth having comes easy

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