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LEGACY 6-week Challenge

Welcome to Test Week

Have you already set your sights on how this new year will finally be the year where you DOMINATE your Health, Fitness and body goals?

If so then you have already taken a big step, but what if you could turn that step into a triple jump with a bonus slam dunk added on for good measure.

That's what we are going to do for Legacy Gym Members who are ready to take their goals beyond what they believed possible by enrolling you into the Legacy 6-week challenge with our very own Expert Coach @elitementoracademy who has helped 100’s of individuals transform there body’s worldwide.

What's even better everything that's included will be 100% FREE - An offer you won't find anywhere else!!

So what do you get

-EXCLUSIVE Test Week Class Access where we will personally test & record your





- Test Week Re-test of your initial results at the end of the challenge to monitor your progress

-3x Training programs to follow over the 6 weeks

-Template Nutritional program with weekly adjustments instructions

-Access into the private Facebook 6 week camp group where you will receive

Bonus Nutrition Tips

Bonus Training Tips

Bonus Supplement Tips

Member interaction & Support

Weekly Q & A

The program starts on the 7th January with last entry to be submitted by the 4th January (IF NOT ALREADY FULL- SO ACT NOW!!)

To secure your space please email

Not a member yet but want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity?

Join the Legacy Gym family now at the link below and secure your position


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