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Girls who lift!

How to accelerate your fat-loss for fast and sustainable results

99% of the 100's of females I have worked with over the years have all had the same goals which were to transform there body by losing body fat, and they want it fast!!

There was a number of reoccurring factors that I continued to see that the majority of them was doing, or in this case not doing... weight training!!

The two main reasons behind this was for the lack of knowledge on the subject and the fear of adding too much muscle mass.

The latter is a fear that should not exist as physiologically it's not that simple unless you are strategically planning towards this goal.

The knowledge part is an easy fix and in this post, I will explain to you the basic principles needed so you enter the gym with confidence and accelerate your fat loss goals past what you believed possible.

Step 1: Compound exercises

A compound exercise is a multi-joint exercises that incorporates multiple muscle groups during the exercises, these will predominantly be the larger muscle groups which will allow you to reap the most beneficial rewards from your time during the gym.

An example list of compound exercises are as shown below


-Bench Press


-Shoulder press

-Bent over rows

Step 2: Frequency

Frequency plays an import and often an underestimated role in any training program, setting up an approach that allows you to train each muscle with the highest frequency while still recovering between sessions *Note this is where a well structured nutritional program will come into play* will be very effective for dramatic fat loss results while revealing a stronger more defined figure.

One approach that I have used with a number of clients with great success is a Pull, Push, Legs split where each of the upper body workouts will be performed on the push and pull sessions and all lower body movements will be on your leg sessions.

Step 3: Progression

Progression is key, without it you will simply be spinning your wheels.

To maximise your results you should be logging every session and recording the weights used and the reps reached with each exercise.

Follow these 3 fundamental principles within your training approach and you will soon see your results accelerate forward.


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