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facts vs myths!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

There can be many thoughts that run through your mind when you are looking to join a new gym or even begin your fitness journey for the very first time. At Legacy Gym Pontypool we are here to ensure you are 100% confident and striving towards your goals

Let us bust some myths and state the facts.

Legacy gym Pontypool

Myth: Everyone will stare at me!!

Nope not at Legacy, We have a loyal community atmosphere where all staff and members are striving along the same path for progress no matter what the end goal may be for each individual.

Everyone was once a beginner and no matter your experience within the gym we provide all members with a complementary induction and continued advice/support whenever needed throughout there journey.

Myth: Overcrowded GYM

Like any training facility, we have our peak times but because Legacy Gym is a 24-hour training facility this has relived the busier periods. We continue adding more equipment to our facilities to ensure you will always have everything you could need.

Myth: I will need to work out daily to see results

We understand how busy life can become and optimise its hard to find the time to fit your workouts in but you most defiantly don't need to work out on a daily basis to see results. Why not make the most of your time within the gym and partake in one of our daily classes run by expert trainers to ensure you are making the most of your time within the gym.



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